Phanta Max Tremendous-Fidelity DNA Polymerase (P505)

Phanta Max Tremendous-Fidelity DNA Polymerase (P505)

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Phanta Max Tremendous-Fidelity DNA Polymerase is often a remarkably effective and precise enzyme suitable for purposes that require substantial-fidelity DNA amplification. This polymerase is perfect for use in PCR, cloning, and also other molecular biology procedures exactly where precision and reliability are paramount.

Crucial Characteristics
one. Super-Fidelity

Overview: Phanta Max Tremendous-Fidelity DNA Polymerase delivers Remarkable precision, considerably decreasing the error price throughout DNA amplification.
Benefit: This high-fidelity function is crucial for purposes which include cloning, mutagenesis, and sequencing, exactly where even small errors can lead to sizeable challenges.
2. Large Efficiency

Overview: The enzyme displays substantial processivity, enabling swift and successful DNA synthesis.
Advantage: This leads to shorter response moments and higher yields, making the polymerase well suited for demanding and time-delicate tasks.
three. Sturdy Overall performance

Overview: Phanta Max is formulated to deliver reputable functionality throughout an array of templates and circumstances.
Profit: It makes certain consistent effects, Despite elaborate or GC-prosperous templates, maximizing the versatility of your respective experiments.
4. Very long Fragment Amplification

Overview: Capable of amplifying prolonged DNA fragments nearly 40 kb from genomic DNA.
Gain: This capability is especially practical for programs necessitating the amplification of huge genomic locations.
Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

Use Scenario: Amplifying DNA for various downstream programs for instance cloning, sequencing, and Assessment.
Advantage: The substantial-fidelity and performance of Phanta Max make sure precise and strong PCR results.
Cloning and Mutagenesis

Use Situation: Creating precise DNA fragments for cloning into vectors or building particular mutations.
Benefit: Minimizes phanta max super-fidelity dna polymerase the chance of glitches all through amplification, providing dependable constructs for more experiments.
Following-Era Sequencing (NGS)

Use Scenario: Planning libraries for NGS.
Edge: Substantial-fidelity amplification lessens the introduction of sequencing glitches, improving upon details high-quality.
Gene Synthesis

Use Circumstance: Synthesizing extensive and sophisticated genes for useful scientific tests or therapeutic apps.
Edge: The polymerase’s capability to amplify lengthy DNA fragments guarantees the prosperous synthesis of enormous genes.
Protocol and Use
1. Response Set up

Template DNA: Usually ten ng for plasmid or one hundred ng for genomic DNA.
Primers: 0.2 µM Each individual.
dNTPs: two hundred µM Each and every.
Phanta Max Super-Fidelity DNA Polymerase: one unit for every 50 µL reaction.
Buffer: Provided With all the enzyme, ensure good focus as per maker’s Guidelines.
MgCl₂: A part of the buffer or additional separately if specified.
two. Thermal Cycling Disorders

First Denaturation: 95°C for 3 minutes.
Denaturation: ninety five°C for 30 seconds.
Annealing: fifty five-65°C for thirty seconds (optimize based upon primer Tm).
Extension: 72°C for one minute for each kb of target.
Closing Extension: 72°C for five minutes.
Cycle Number: Generally twenty five-35 p505 cycles, dependant upon template complexity and abundance.
three. Optimization Guidelines

Template High quality: Ensure the DNA template is of substantial purity to avoid inhibitors that would impact the polymerase’s general performance.
Primer Design and style: Use primers which has a Tm inside of two-three°C of one another for optimal annealing.
Mg²⁺ Concentration: Change Mg²⁺ focus if essential to enhance produce and specificity.
Phanta Max Tremendous-Fidelity DNA Polymerase (P505) is an advanced Instrument for prime-precision DNA amplification. Its Tremendous-fidelity, performance, and strong efficiency help it become perfect for a wide range of molecular biology applications, making certain reputable and exact success. Whether you are working on cloning, gene synthesis, or up coming-era sequencing, Phanta Max presents the precision and trustworthiness desired to achieve your study objectives.

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